Coaching 1:1

To be honest, we all need someone real to talk with.

These one-on-one sessions offer a safe space for introspection,
so you can find alignment and live your most authentic life.
I help you find your answers within.

These one-on-one sessions offer a safe space for introspection and practical tools towards a more aligned and fulfilling life.

Get honest with yourself, reconnect with your authenticity and open up to possibility. 

Start making awareness-based choices towards the things that really matter to you. This is what conscious living looks like.

My holistic approach combines teachings from Human Design, Dharma Coaching, Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Conscious Leadership in an accessible and relatable way.

human design / purpose / dharma empowerment / COACHING / CONSCIOUS leadership / alignment

My Coaching is for you if...

You want to connect with you passion and Purpose

By the end of our time together, you’ll have a clear sense of your purpose and you’ll walk away knowing exactly which path to take.
You know your Purpose, and want to make it happen

This package is all about moving from confusion to clarity around your life & career and turning ideas into concrete actions by tapping into your inner gifts and overcoming whatever is holding you back.
You want support to stay on track on your Purpose

This coaching container is all about continuous alignment, accountability and making things 
happen over time.

For companies

We all need a safe space to get honest and find alignment.

Offer your employees the right support to navigate life better.

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For individuals

We all need a safe space to go inwards, identify that which doesn't feel right and make the necessary adjustments to live authentically.

Are you ready to be honest?
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  • “Paula has been instrumental in the transformation of the culture of the organization by introducing the concept of corporate wellbeing. She took upon herself to convince the leadership team for a need to create a new working environment focusing on social corporate responsibility, on well-being of the individuals showing her entrepreneurial skills. Paula is a real change agent, willing to challenge status-quo.”
    Myriam Faouzi,
    Merck Chemicals BV.
  • “Her holistic approach strikes a good balance between her corporate experience and her focus on well-being and spirituality. Her view is that each person should drive their own development, which makes you independently accountable. Yet, she's great at holding your hand throughout the journey.
    If you’re seeking change and feel overwhelmed about where to start I really recommend you get in touch with Paula”.
    Cecilia F., 1:1 Coaching,
  • With the Human Design System, Paula opened for me a much more deeper understanding of why I am the way I am. Mind blowing if you are open to it and willing to face the truth. Get yourself ready and dive in...

    I already loved working with Paula as my colleague. This takes its to another level tough. The teachings she is able to share go deep, with great listening to what you need, even if you don't know yet yourself.
    Alex T., 1:1 Coaching,
Let's connect
I would love to hear from you!
Let's connect and co-create a world where everyone 
leads a life they love.

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