Conscious Leadership

A transformative journey towards leading with purpose, understanding
Flow and being our true selves at work while helping others thrive.
For companies
For individuals

To achieve different results, we need a new approach.

Todays’ leaders need a new set of skills that include emotional intelligence, intuition, kindness and compassion, to bring our true selves to work and move from ego-centric to eco-driven organisations.

This program was created to empower leaders to foster innovation and drive performance by making the human side of business tangible.

Connection / Awareness Based choices/ inner leadership/ Purpose / Intention / Compassion / Vulnerability / EMPATHY

About the program

Interactive sessions
5 Interactive sessions of 3 hours each .
They include theory and hands-on exercises.
Learn & Integrate
Think of topics such as Inner Leadership, Conscious Communication, Vulnerability, Finding Flow and Purpose and helping others thrive.
Tools for Life
When we can be ourselves at work,
we do it at our best.
Learn to integrate these concepts that will help you for life.

For companies

Traditional management skills and doing “Business as usual” lead to very discouraging statistics.

Adapt your L&D program to the current work-life challenges.
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For individuals

Employees now value a different kind of leadership, the human kind.
Whether you are or want to be in a leadership position, these set of skills will set you apart.
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  • “Paula has been instrumental in the transformation of the culture of the organization by introducing the concept of corporate wellbeing. She took upon herself to convince the leadership team for a need to create a new working environment focusing on social corporate responsibility, on well-being of the individuals showing her entrepreneurial skills. Paula is a real change agent, willing to challenge status-quo.”
    Myriam Faouzi
    Merck Chemicals BV.
  • “Her holistic approach strikes a good balance between her corporate experience and her focus on well-being and spirituality. Her view is that each person should drive their own development, which makes you independently accountable. Yet, she's great at holding your hand throughout the journey.
    If you’re seeking change and feel overwhelmed about where to start I really recommend you get in touch with Paula”.
    Cecilia F., 1:1 Coaching,
  • "Paula has been an inspiration for me. She opened the door for me personally to meditation, conscious food and general well-being. Paula helps me in all aspects related to conscious leadership and is my mentor and go-to person when I face a challenge in my professional life. What I admire most about her is her leading by example and calm guiding style. I consider myself very lucky to have met her".
    Lisa Laux, 1:1 Coaching,
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