Do we all need to change? It depends...

A 4 minute read about making conscious choices. Instead of getting carried away by trends and by looking at what’s wrong and missing, being aware also means taking stock of what there is, what’s working and staying true to what feels right, and change whatever doesn’t.
August 30, 2021
Change is inevitable, but it's also a choice. Make it a heart-felt one.

By now we’ve all probably heard about “the Great Resignation”, a term coined by Management Professor Anthony Klotz, stemming from the rising numbers of workers considering a job change as pandemic restrictions ease and companies call employees back to the office. 

recent survey revealed 41% of workers are thinking about resigning from their jobs. But why? The pandemic gave workers more free time to think about their careers, explore entrepreneurship and save more money — leading many to realise their current job was not fulfilling. Is this true for you?

I personally like to think of the ‘Great Resignation’ as one of the ways that the tendency towards a more conscious living is manifesting.

One of the first things I noticed when we went on lockdown last year was that though many of us struggled with the restrictions, others were actually quite OK with the new imposed pace. There was some sense of ease in the lack of social commitments and the forced slowing down.

For me, other than making sure home was a place I wanted to spend time in, there wasn’t much to do. I felt at ease and enthusiastic about this new time affluence allowing me to take extra care of myself and for the new invitation to reassess my life. 

The lockdown forced me, as well as many of us, to stop.

The STOP is a well known coaching acronym that stands for :

Stop whatever you're doing, just pause for a moment.

Take a deep breath, which is our anchor to the here and now.

Observe what is happening inside and outside of you.

Proceed with a new awareness.

When we pause, in a world that is more challenging and demanding than ever, we are given the opportunity to go inwards and take stock of how we really feel about the things we do, and compare them with how we think we should feel about them. 

If we allow for it, we can make space to feel what needs to be felt, to see what needs to be seen, to do what needs to be done, and to simply BE. It might be a bit uncomfortable, but this is the first step towards a conscious living. 

Change is inevitable, but it's also a choice

Of course, there’s always a choice. To do nothing about it and get distracted with some mindless phone scrolling and online shopping, or to get curious and see what’s in there for us. And I think many of us opted for the second option.

We started asking ourselves questions about our lives in general - and I dare to say that we’ve all made a change or two that might have not been foreseen - be it work, health, creativity or relationships related.

Conscious Living begins with paying enough attention to every aspect of our life, so that we move from living in #autopilot mode - or “letting life happen to us” - to living with #intent.

It’s about bringing mindfulness to our days, and taking it a step further. For it is not just the awareness that matters - it’s caring enough to act based on it and choosing with ourselves and the world around us in our mind and heart. 

Embarking on this journey towards Conscious Living not only means getting curious about why and how we do what we do but it also invites us to challenge and even change old ideas and ways of doing, with regards to our relationship with ourselves and others.

As we can only change that which we are aware of, we all deserve to revisit our priorities and definitions of success from time to time:

  • Do they belong to us or are they what modern society expects from us? Where does true joy come from? What does success mean? What matters most in life?

Living in autopilot puts us at odds with living with purpose and finding flow in our lives.

  • Who are you? What do you really want? What is your unique contribution? What cause do you want to further with your gifts and talents?

When we reconnect with our true nature, we understand that we are all One, and that unless we all thrive no-one does. We’re wired for connection and it is paramount to take care of one self and one-another if we want to have a future in this world.

Ultimately, when we learn to become comfortable with the uncomfortable, and we are at ease with making the right choice - whatever it is, as long as it feels right.

Back to the start of this post, there certainly are people resigning jobs and letting go of what no longer serves them, and there are many that are choosing to stay. Not necessarily because they haven’t looked into it, but because having weighed their options, they still find value in what they have for whatever conscious reason. How beautiful is this? 

We can get carried away by the trends and by looking at what’s wrong and missing, but being aware also means taking stock of what there is, what’s working and staying true to what feels right, and change whatever doesn’t.

To be honest, if there is a take away from this last 1.5 year, it’s that we have control over very little, and that in our daily choices lie our growth and freedom.

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