Mindfulness & Meditation

This works. Learn why and how to make Mindfulness and Meditation a daily practice.
I also offer guided meditations at work.
For companies
For individuals

Stress is inevitable - it is the body’s response to potential harm. How we handle it, makes the difference.

Stress is inevitable - it is our bodies' response to potential harm (fight or flight). The problem is that our brains cannot differentiate real danger from a pressing deadline or getting stuck in traffic. Meditation helps us reduce stress levels naturally (restore and repair).

This program teaches meditation and mindfulness techniques that can be done from your desk, or when queuing at the supermarket.

mindfulness / STRESS MANAGEMENT / intention / energy management / meditation / breathwork / wellbeing

learn and integrate

Learn to Meditate
Interactive sessions to learn breathwork
and meditation techniques.

Make it your daily practice and feel the benefits.
Tools for Life
When you meditate in a group, there is an enhanced sense of belonging and connection.

I offer guided group meditations with a frequency tailored to your needs.

For companies

This works. It helps to reduce stress, improve health, boost happiness levels and work performance.

I can't think of a better way to support your people and business.
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For individuals

Meditation is an exercise for the mind that
happens to improve our wellbeing.

It reminds us that, in essence, we are human BEINGS and not human DOINGS.
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  • “Paula has been instrumental in the transformation of the culture of the organization by introducing the concept of corporate wellbeing. She took upon herself to convince the leadership team for a need to create a new working environment focusing on social corporate responsibility, on well-being of the individuals showing her entrepreneurial skills. Paula is a real change agent, willing to challenge status-quo.”
    Myriam Faouzi
    Merck Chemicals BV.
  • “Her holistic approach strikes a good balance between her corporate experience and her focus on well-being and spirituality. Her view is that each person should drive their own development, which makes you independently accountable. Yet, she's great at holding your hand throughout the journey.
    If you’re seeking change and feel overwhelmed about where to start I really recommend you get in touch with Paula”.
    Cecilia F., 1:1 Coaching,
  • "Paula has been an inspiration for me. She opened the door for me personally to meditation, conscious food and general well-being. Paula helps me in all aspects related to conscious leadership and is my mentor and go-to person when I face a challenge in my professional life. What I admire most about her is her leading by example and calm guiding style. I consider myself very lucky to have met her".
    Lisa Laux, 1:1 Coaching,
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